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Blogging Beginnings...


This is the start to something wonderful! I hope... Trying my hand at blogging is scary but I'm ready for the challenge! So a little bit about me... My name is Susana Starbuck and I am a "Barista Mommy"! My family has no affiliation with the coffee company but I'd like to think that I'm serving up a little bit of Starbucks to the world every day.

I'm a stay at home mommy with my 9 month old baby boy named Peter and I am 6 months pregnant with boy number 2! I know, I know... life is about to get really really fun! My husband is Andrew Starbuck and he is a full time graphic designer and a part time youth minister. I also work part time at our church as the communications coordinator (yay paperwork) and I just took a job as a Teaching Assistant for the Mother of Divine Grace Homeschool Program. So yeah, I'm a little crazy but I honestly love being "busy".

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a double major, one in English Lit. and one in Classics. I also swam for the UofA. We were national champs my freshman year and I was honored to be chosen as captain my senior year. Swimming will always have a special place in my heart.

I promise there will be more stories to tell and details to reveal but for now here are some pictures to fill in those gaps.






A few years after that first date... engagement pics!


June 25, 2011 :)

After that I graduated! AND I was 6 months pregnant at the time!


Playing around after graduation. I used to rock the pull up bar haha. Not so much any more...

Then along came Peter!


He's pretty cute :)

And this is baby James! Due date is July 26th!

My pregnant self and little baby Peter. The story is just beginning...