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Bumble Bee Baby Shower


A couple months back I attended an adorable baby shower. The theme was everything sweet, all the way from the little honey jars to the games and activities. I really loved this theme. The girls who organized it did such a good job with every little detail. It was a lot of fun. My favorite part was that the mommy had asked for everyone to bring their favorite children's book with an inscription inside INSTEAD of a card. Genius! What a great way to build up the baby's library! Here are some pictures from the event!

photo 5

They had us decorate onesies and then the mommy picked the one she liked best! There were so many cute ones but in the end...mine won. Can you guess which one I did? Haha. *hint* I'm not good at drawing, let alone puffy paint art.


These were the party favors. Cute little jars of local honey! They were decorated with a little piece of bumble bee fabric and completed with a red checkered ribbon.


The baby shower invite is on the left and the "thank you" card is on the right. I just love how they kept the theme from start to finish.

I really wish I had taken more pictures at the shower. But if you like this theme and want some more ideas and inspiration, the blog A Beautiful Mess has an awesome post on a honey themed shower that Elise did for a friend. It's amazing and you should check it out!