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Since I'm supposed to be resting more these last few weeks of my pregnancy, I've renewed my Pinterest addiction. So here are some images (links included) to some of my favorite pins recently.


Found this online boutique called The Impeccable Pig. They have stores in Texas and a few in the south, but alas, none here in AZ. But that's ok! Because their online shop is pretty awesome. You can find the scarves in this picture on their website!


My friend Jen is getting married next May and she has chosen a pallet of purple for her colors. I just saw this image as I was pinning along and thought that it would make such a pretty center piece.


I've been looking for a new phone case and I found this one from Fossil. I love it! BUT it's only for iPhone5...Fail.


Found this while looking at one of my favorite blogs Holly Would. It's just such a fun mash up of colors and it really makes me want to throw a summer party. However, I will not be throwing any parties any time soon *sigh* Sad day. A super pregnant lady can dream right?


Found this outfit and fell in love. Super mommy friendly and easy to put together. Maxi skirts! Yay!


I DO NOT need anymore shoes. But these are really cute and I'm trying to hold back. Right now I need shoes that have support, shoes that will help me to not swell like a balloon. In the mean time... I'll just window shop. You can find these at Urban Outfitters.

Happy Monday!