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DIY Flower Crown


Spring/Summer time is perfect for flower crowns. They are so much fun and they add a splash of color to your everyday. Thankfully they are easy to make. Also, if you make it yourself, you can pick all the flowers and colors you want! Make a flower crown for your little girl, as party favors, for your bridesmaids, or just for yourself! Growing up my mom made small flower crowns for the Mary statue that we kept outside our front door. I always loved to see what crown she was making for the month or a special holiday.

Ok so what you'll need....


Wire cutters. These will trim the wire and help snip off your flowers.


Floral wire. Generally found in the floral section of your craft store.


Floral tape. Again you can find that in the floral section of your craft store.


And pretty flowers of your choice!

-Simply use the wire to create the size crown you want. Use a little extra to double up the crown. It will be less flimsy that way.

-Then trim off the flowers you want. Make sure to leave a little bit of stem, because that will help when adding them to the crown.

-Take a strip of floral tape and use it to wrap the flowers to the wire. It shouldn't be one strip of paper per flower. Take about 6 inches and use it to wrap forward, adding flowers as you go.

-Once the crown is covered you can go back and add flowers to places that seem a little sparse.


It took me a few tries to get one that I liked so don't be discouraged if your first one comes out a little funky!