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Never Ever Ever


Joining in on the fun over at The Vintage Modern Wife!


I will never ever ever...

-Like sushi. It's a consistency thing. Just... bleh.

-Like doing the dishes. It's my least favorite chore by far.

-Not own a planner. I may have a iPhone but it's just not the same as writing things out and seeing all your events so clearly. Got my New Lilly Pulitzer planner for this upcoming school year with Mother of Divine Grace!

photo 3

-Not breastfeed my babies. Breast is Best! We had to put Peter on formula because once I was pregnant again my body stopped making enough milk. BUT I will always breastfeed as long as my body cooperates.

-Not love Anthropologie. I mean...come on.

-Not enjoy fresh strawberries.

photo 2

-Stop loving my husband and my baby boys. SO MUCH LOVE!!!

-Stop taking pictures. I am not a photographer. But I delight in capturing every little detail this crazy life has to offer.

Well I think that's a good round one! Looking forward to participating in this link up more often!