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Attack of the Dirty Thirty


My husband loves Star Wars. LOVES it. I certainly enjoy the Star Wars movies but I'm not quite as obsessed with it as my husband is. Thankfully, he found his match in Adam Eichelberger. Adam is one of Andrew's best friends and Star Wars is one of the many nerdy things they have in common. Which brings me to the Dirty Thirty... This summer they both will be turning thirty. Andrew's birthday was in June and Adam's is in August. So we put together a Star Wars themed party to celebrate their departure from their 20's. It was a lot of fun and the birthday boys really enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictures from that awesome night!

attacklogo Buckberger-Jedi-Cover-PhotoThese were the designs my husband came up with for the invites. Yes, I utilized my husbands talents for his own birthday... Actually both birthday boys played a part in making this party happen. They're just so awesome!

SONY DSC SONY DSCWe decorated the bar area with blue and green streamers.



SONY DSC SONY DSCThe cards on the tables all had something to do with Star Wars.



We did our best to be clever with the food names!

SONY DSCPeter and his Mammo (grandma Jane)!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCJust a few of our awesome guests!!

SONY DSC SONY DSCPictures right before Peter called it a night haha!

SONY DSCThe birthday boys!