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Lovely Links Monday


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was pretty low key, aside from the fact that every moment is filled with the anticipation of James' arrival. The contractions continue sporadically and I'm just waiting for the time when they don't stop! I'm so excited for this baby. I'm ready for him to be here and to begin the next chapter of the Starbuck family adventures!

In the meantime... While I continue to wait, here are my Lovely Links for Monday!

1e08c070745a57437ed8f46c7b6e44b3A Beautiful Mess has their photo idea book on pre-order! So excited for this! I love taking pictures but I still have a lot to figure out when it comes to doing it well.

f5649fb4384f058fd2dab9ccdb47190bOne of my favorite blogs IHOD had a really great guest post today. So inspiring and so true... Check it out!

03dba112b937d56f4b0b44f09e402c76Love this skirt. You can find it at Free People.

chocolate-chip-dangle-earrings1Ummm these are the most delicious looking earrings ever! Haha. These little delights are from Sweet Crafts. They have a variety of food inspired jewelry. Super cute. And now I'm going to go make cookies...

coffee_framed_smallThis pretty much has "Barista Mommy" written all over it. See more cool prints like this at Dear Colleen!

Those are your Lovely Links for this Monday! Have a great day!

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