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Five Favorites



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My sisters! Minus Liliana. We had a great 4th of July together! I really love seeing how Marisa and Gabi are growing up into such lovely young ladies.


photo 2Ummmm cupcakes. These last few weeks I'll just get a huge wave of hunger and it's all I can do to not eat everything in sight. Marisa made these amazing cupcakes for the 4th of July. Somehow I ONLY ate 2. But if she wants to make me more I won't stop her.


photo 3Aj's has this delicious decaf apricot tea. It's the perfect pregnancy refresher on a hot Tucson afternoon. Now if only they would deliver...


photo 5Last Sunday at Life Teen we discussed vocations for girls (boys was the Sunday before). One of our teens did this adorable illustrated handout. Isn't it cute? She did a great job breaking it all down and putting things in terms that would make sense to her peers.


photo 4My new amber came in the mail!! I ordered mine from Natural Babi. There are lots of places you can find amber but I like how the jewelry she makes is smoothed out. Some amber necklaces have rough edges so I wanted something a little softer for around Peter's neck. What is an amber necklace? When amber comes in contact with the warmth of skin it starts to release an ibuprofen like chemical into the system. It's a really low dose and helps babies with teething. I got one for myself because I'd like all the help I can get these last few weeks of pregnancy.

These are my five favorites for the week! Hopefully next week my favorites will include a new family member!

*Featured Image by Everly True*