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Inside My Clutch


Once you're a mommy you're attached to a big diaper bag. Before I was a mom I loved big purses and totes. Now I miss the days of small bags and clutches! However, I think I've figured out how to beat the system. I found a good sized clutch to keep inside the diaper bag. That way when I need just my stuff (or if I just need to locate my phone without rummaging around inside the bag for 5 years) I pull out my clutch. SO far it has proven to be a very successful system, especially when I need to run an errand without Peter, I just grab the clutch without having to do a huge purse transfer. Anyway....this is what's inside.

SONY DSCThe clutch is from one of my new favorite handmade finds called Gift Shop Brooklyn. She has a studio shop too with pieces that she played around with. Very cute stuff and original!

SONY DSCA few of these items I've talked about in a previous post so I won't repeat myself. That tube of blue is something new though! It's called Tickle Time and it's a sun block mineral powder. It's perfect for those times that Peter is in the sun and I need to get his face. It's much more fun to brush Peter's face with sunscreen than slathering a squirming baby with lotion. I will say that if Peter is going to be in the sun for a long time then I'll put stronger sunscreen on. Just to be safe.

SONY DSCI've been kinda obsessed with lip balm/ lipstick/ lip gloss recently. Can't really explain it... But there it is! Most of those pictured can be found at your local drugstore. My favorites are the ones that double as a balm or gloss.

SONY DSCPhone and wallet. Kate Spade case.

SONY DSCKeeping the clutter contained... for the most part haha. Organized chaos if you will!