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Lovely Links Monday


Mondays are awful... I think we can all agree right? So here are five lovely links to hopefully make this day a little brighter!

1a5d597c434bcfa017aecc8a20a5582cPretty picture of a Red Ruby Stinger. Yum.

3fecb25f87db2eb0a865e1d50bcc39f3Such a classy look. Love the comfy sweater and the puffy skirt!

e1bd6071dfe00a014bc8460df5042cb3A Beautiful Mess had a guest DIY on paper flowers. Can't wait to try this at some bridal showers I'm helping to plan!

61e7bf6b86079c4324fb531f671f75c9The Day Bake... I want to go there...

fa8f124a998a0a6a9113dcfe6a84fefa-682x1024Found this bachelorette weekend kit at Pink on the Cheek. Too cute. I would just change that to chocolate coconut water!

Merh...Happy Monday!

*Featured Image Day Bake*