Five Favorites: SHOES!


five-favorites-moxie-wife-1Five Favorites! This week I decided to do shoes. Yes, I know... Such a deep and philosophical  topic. However, as I look at my swollen feet I can't help but dream of shoes that fit. Plus James is really enjoying his stay in the womb and I'm pretty positive he is taking all of my brain power too. I am physically and mentally drained haha! Ok so here we go...


7a1c8202daa918cc50c10983739d3e89Before we found out that we were having another baby, Andrew and I had plans to go to WYD in Brazil. These shoes just remind me of Brazil. These are not WYD friendly shoes (It's a pilgrimage! Wear supportive shoes!) but they just seem to have the flair of Rio de Janeiro!


e8ce8c7085377b6cb9341e2a0bd642e2Love these flats. Practical mom shoes! Not that it'll be happening here in AZ  any time soon, but fall is coming, and these are very cute for those of you who actually experience that season haha.


ed4f8c0d1d48b0022a8cfcf5d209cca1I love Toms. I wear them to death. I pretty much need a new pair every year. Soooo I'm on the look out for  a new pair! These are pretty cute. The hemp at the bottom is my favorite!


tempest9sl1This shoe is called Tempest. Need I say more?


71b031391a89e370c2d049c03c23f72fSimple pump but a fun color. After almost 2 years of pregnancy (almost haha) all my heels will have added cushions/insoles. I need to relearn how to walk in them! No joke...


Those are my Five Favorites! Now it's time to clean the house (again) and keep waiting for baby James!!!!!