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World Youth Day 2011


Throw Back Thursday! I decided to do a post on World Youth Day since the next one starts within the next week. Andrew and I went to Spain in 2011 and it was unforgettable. We were supposed to go to Rio this summer for WYD 2013 but...a little baby boy named James decided to be our big summer adventure instead! The group from our church is getting ready to take off and I couldn't be more excited for them. I look back on that pilgrimage with so much fondness. It was a tough trip at times but it was so worth it! Looking back at the pictures almost makes me cry! With that said... God bless all those going to Rio! Your life will be changed forever!293278_10150348632580659_7195787_n


312029_10150348410625659_1104649_nWe met some amazing people from all over the world!

293573_10150348635340659_1642069_nAndrew and I met this newly ordained priest from France. He was wonderful!

300490_10150348235040659_8355401_nSister Alice and I.

295903_10150348634665659_3605688_nWaiting for the Pope to drive by.

297548_10150348623405659_7026102_nThe arena for English speaking countries. Great presenters and Mass!

297523_10150348716390659_4617472_nMy love.

304353_10150348212105659_3922950_nWe stayed at the Immaculate Heart school in Madrid. They had this beautiful chapel underneath the classrooms. Our group had Mass there everyday!

303245_10150348403310659_644162_nAndrew and I being patriotic hehe. But seriously everyone was showing so much love for their country!

312925_10150348278100659_4972233_nWe were interviewed for a local channel. Thankfully in English... haha.

315973_10150348631035659_2673487_n 320843_10150348713980659_1073302_nWe were some of the few chosen to greet the Pope at the airport! It was amazing. The excitement for his plane to arrive was like nothing I have ever experienced before!

316521_10150348263345659_8092453_nBeing tourists...

318301_10150348226845659_5512103_nAll of Madrid was decked out for WYD! Everywhere you looked there were banners and signs welcoming the youth!

317308_10150348637875659_1321458_nLife Teen put on a special XLT WYD edition. The church was so hot. BUT the experience was powerful.

317283_10150348703150659_5057533_n 312758_10150348706635659_3800434_n 312508_10150348705615659_460215_n 309088_10150348710040659_6563106_nThe Vigil was by far one of the hardest parts of this pilgrimage. At first there was the heat, then trying to find a spot, then trying to find water, then trying to survive the storm, and then staying warm. Haha it really was one thing after another! During the storm the Pope's body guards wanted him to leave and he said "No, if the youth stay...I stay." How amazing is that?! It was such an incredible spiritual experience. Nothing was going to stop the youth or the Pope from giving thanks and praise to God.

305093_10150348207450659_8088201_nAndrew and I with my Great Aunt, Sister Evelyn. She organized the whole trip! Nun power!

315358_10150348621585659_2898434_nIt was pretty special "honeymoon" for Andrew and I. A great adventure to say the least.

Praying for all those headed to Rio! I will be watching EWTN for full coverage of the event! God Bless!