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Happies and Crappies



Jumping in on the link up with Vintage Modern Wife today!  Since I'm 39 weeks today... I figured a post where I can celebrate/vent a little would be a good idea!

Ok...My Happies!

1. My Little Hip Squeaks order came in! Her stuff is so cute! James is getting pretty much all of Peter's old stuff so I decided to get him a little something that is all his own.

photo 1

2. I mixed up my appointment times this week and I showed up at 1:10 but I was really scheduled for 2:40. While at first this was a huge "crappy" it turned into a happy! I went to the Panera Bread near by and got some work done!

photo 3

3. Steubenville West was a huge success! And Andrew's shirts (Mantled) did really well at the bookstore. Peter and I were able to attend a little bit of the conference which was awesome. I heard a song from Hillsong that really spoke to me about "letting go, and letting God!)

photo 4

4. It makes me so happy when Peter snuggles up to James. I hope he does the same thing when James is out of the womb!

photo 1

5. I'm trying not be so hard on myself as a mom right now. It's really difficult being this pregnant and taking care of a 1 year old! But I saw this on Pinterest and it made me feel better. I'm learning as a mommy!

photo 2

And Crappies...

1. I REALLY thought baby James would be here by now. I think because of the scare we had on Father's Day I thought there was NO WAY I'd make it this far in my pregnancy. But here I am! 39 weeks! I'm exhausted and sore and VERY much ready to not be pregnant any more. I've carried this baby for 9 months...but now I'm ready to hold him in my arms!

2. Peter's birthday party is tomorrow and I feel like I really dropped the ball. My parents are helping Andrew and I throw the party which is huge! But I had such big plans and high hopes when he was first born for his very first birthday party. But with the pregnancy everything is 100 times harder. Don't get me wrong...tomorrow will be perfect! I just wish it hadn't crept up on me like this!

3. WYD starts the 22nd. I wish I was going to be there! Andrew and I had so much fun in Madrid! So I'm a little sad not to be in Rio!

That's it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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