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Welcome To Life...



On Sunday July 21st, my husband and I were still waiting for our second son to arrive. My due date was the 26th but we were acting like he was late! At 20 weeks we had been told that I was at risk for a preterm pregnancy and at 34 weeks (thanks to a stomach flu) I almost went into labor. That's why we were so surprised that I made it to 39 weeks! When I was at the hospital trying to stop labor at 34 weeks I kept saying in my head that it was too early...God heard me. He kept this baby safe until it was time.

On that Sunday we spent a really lovely afternoon over at Helmsdeep (my parents house). My Dad made some amazing bbq chicken and we spent our time there playing games and enjoying each other's company. We left their house around 9:30 and arrived home a little before 10:00. I went straight to bed because I was exhausted (as usual) and Andrew stayed up to take care of Peter so I could get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Well at 1:00 a.m. I was jolted awake by an extremely powerful contraction. Just a few minutes later I had another and then another! They were coming 2-3 minutes apart and their intensity was increasing. I called my parents to come get Peter and Andrew began to pack the car. Pretty soon whenever a contraction came I had to get on all fours to ride it out. That position was the only thing that made me feel just a tiny bit better. Poor Peter. He was so confused! He was awake at this point and crying for me to hold him but I just couldn't do it. Every time I tried to pick him up I'd have a contraction. My parents came to the  house around 1:30 and picked up Peter. At that point my Mom (though she didn't say it) wasn't sure if I'd even make it to the hospital...

As soon as they had Peter we jumped in the car. Andrew cleared the back seat so I could stay on my side as we drove to the hospital. I kept urging Andrew to run red lights and to drive faster (that's a first). We were about 5 minutes out from the hospital when I began to feel the urge to push. Yeah... push. I didn't tell Andrew. He was already a little bit frazzled. Finally we pulled up to the circle drive in front of labor and delivery. Andrew parked the car right in front of the doors and raced in for a wheel chair. The security guard wasn't much help. He tried to get us to "register" at the desk but as soon as I started yelling "No time for this! NO TIME!!!" he got the hint and just let us through. At this point it was now 2:00 a.m. We were shown into a delivery room and the nurses tried to get me in a hospital gown. I got about half way undressed and then I just gave up. Somehow I managed to lay down and get on my side. Then my doctor walked in. He wasn't scheduled to be in that night! He had finished a procedure at 10:00 and then decided to "hang out"! It was certainly a "God-incident" that he was there to deliver James.

I was 8-9cm dilated. The contractions kept coming. Finally Dr. G asked if I wanted to push and I said YES! At 2:23 a.m. I began to push and at 2:28 a.m. James was born. This delivery was so much different than Peter's. Natural labor is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was so worth it. I had that little boy on my chest and my husband by my side and it was... bliss. James was as healthy as could be. Coming into this world at 8 lb.9oz. 19in, he was beautiful.

I wish that I could say that was the end of the story but it wasn't. Unfortunately they couldn't stop my bleeding. I was losing a lot of blood, and losing it fast. They tried everything to get it to slow down but it wasn't. Pretty soon my blood pressure bottomed out and something had to be done quick. Dr. G came back into my room and said that a DNC was needed. Soon after that I was being wheeled away to an OR. They slipped a cap on my head as I stared at the celling. For some reason, as they wheeled me away and I stared at the same ceiling tile over and over again, I thought of the years I spent swimming and staring at the same black lines... In that moment I was scared and unsure of what to think. But the thought of swimming up and down the pool calmed me.

The DNC was a blur (obviously). Even though it felt like hours the procedure itself only took 20min. Dr.G said he found the source and fixed me up. Unfortunately, I had lost so much blood that I needed a transfusion. After two units of blood, I was allowed to go to the mommy and baby recovery room. For the next 24 hours they monitored me very closely. I found it so funny that with Peter I had to worry about high blood pressure (pre-e) and here I was with my second baby worrying about low blood pressure!

The evening of the 23rd I was released. Coming home was so sweet. While I desperately wish that things had ended with the delivery of James, it didn't, and I'm coming to terms with that. I'm just so thankful for the Dr. G. and the wonderful nurses that took amazing care of me. I'm still bouncing back from all that blood loss but it gets better everyday. James is healthy, I'm healthy, and for that, I am so very thankful. I am so thankful for my loving husband Andrew. He was so strong and supportive during the whole ordeal. He is my St. Joseph! Also, a big thank you to all my family and friends who have stepped up to help me, especially my Dad. I'm a Daddy's girl for sure!

Hopefully this means that from here on out my two little boys will be perfect angels, since they caused so much trouble in the beginning haha (a girl can dream right?).

Welcome to life baby James, I hope you enjoy it...


My Grandfather with James. SONY DSC

My Aunt Laurie with James.

SONY DSCMy Grandmother with James.

SONY DSCPeter is taking it all in. But he is very happy to be a big brother. He "kisses" James aka licks him haha.


He's so precious!


My sweet baby...

SONY DSCJames and Grandpa David.

SONY DSCUncle Adam without a nephew to hold!

SONY DSCDad stepping up his game.

Life just got a little crazier and little lovelier all at the same time.