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Post Partum Style


This is the first postpartum style post! Yay! Since having little James I've mostly stuck with maxi skirts/dresses, yoga pants, and roomy tops. Obviously everything has to be nursing friendly too. I'm not trying to hide my postpartum body (that would be difficult). In fact, this time around, I feel like I'm more ok with it. It's going to take a little time to lose the pregnancy weight and that's just fine! I'm eating healthy and looking forward to being able to workout again. In the meantime I can still enjoy wearing non maternity clothes haha.

SONY DSCTank//Aftcra, Skirt//Charlotte Russe, Necklace// Old Navy

SONY DSC SONY DSCI really love this tank. It's super soft AND stretchy.

SONY DSCI've always enjoyed a good maxi skirt.

SONY DSC"Messy mom bun"


Well, off to change some dirty diapers and have story time with Peter!