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What WAS in my hospital bag...


I wanted to do a post on my hospital bag before the baby got here, but obviously that didn't happen. However, it works out really well, because now I can tell you what you DON'T need. With Peter, I had way too much stuff. This time around, I really trimmed up my packing list. But now, I have an even better list because there is still stuff I brought but didn't use.

Ok so what do I pack all my stuff in? A giant Vera Bradley bag muhahaha (evil laugh because my husband is not a fan, especially when he has to carry it). Seriously though, this bag is like the Mary Poppins bag, I can fit so much stuff! Which is probably why I ended up packing things I didn't need. Anyway....

SONY DSCSo this is it... Chaos. Ha. But seriously.

-Everything is laid out on a throw blanket that I... did not use it. But my husband did! Hospitals are cold!

-That chevron thing is a sweater. Which I did in fact use. Like I said, hospitals are freakishly cold. It is extremely comfy. Found it online at Calla Lilies Boutique.

-At the bottom are some nursing pajamas. Definitely used those. Got them from Motherhood Maternity.


-Nook... Didn't use it.

-"Breastfeed Only" card... Didn't use. Everything happened really fast after James was born and I completely spaced on making sure it was in his bassinet. He was all good though! TMC respected my verbal request for no bottles.

-Heating pad. Used it before he was born! But not at the hospital.


-Comfy clothes to go home in. Used these for sure haha. Tank from Hello and a maxi skirt from Amazon.


-Dry shampoo. It was a nice thought. But no.

-Headband. Nope.

SONY DSC-Flip flops. Yes! Wait no. I wore the comfy hospital socks.


-St. Gianna relic. YES.

SONY DSC-Brush? Yes I did. But only before I left the hospital haha.

-Coconut body butter from Trader Joe's. Again, a nice thought, but no.

SONY DSC-Onesies, burp cloths, hats and blankets for James. Used all that stuff.

If you're expecting soon I hope this helps! And if you're a mom of more than two kids I'm, sure you're laughing at all the extra stuff I had in my bag. Well, you live and you learn right?