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Irish Twins: The First Few Weeks


James will be 3 weeks on Monday. AMAZING. Time goes by so fast. These past few weeks have been hard and there is no way to get around that. However, I have had some incredible support from my family and friends. Thanks to all the love these people have shown, I know I can do this.

For this post, I'd like to give you some word pictures. Due to the lack of a third arm, I am unfortunately unable to capture every awesome/challenging moment that comes my way. That's where words come in. I love making memories. I love taking a mental snapshot of the moment I'm in and saving it in my heart. So here are some of those snapshots from these past few weeks. Here are my word pictures, the good and the bad, but mostly the good...

-I'm nursing James on the couch and Peter decides he wants his bottle. Suddenly, I'm feeding them both at the same time. I feel like super mom.

-Laundry needs to be moved and folded. Holding James in one arm and Peter in the other I kick a full basket of laundry down the hall way. Inevitably kicking a little too hard and hurting my pinky toe.

-James is crying in the swing and Peter is done with breakfast. How do I know that Peter is done with breakfast? The banana slices are now in his hair. Lovely.

-Andrew comes home from work and Peter immediately reaches for him. Peter really misses him during the day.

-Thankfully James is sleeping. Mommy forgets to shut the bathroom door. Little hands find the toilet water...gross.

-James is crying in his carseat because he is hungry. Peter pulls his pacifier out of his mouth and reaches it over to James. "Here James, this will make it all better". Big brother to the rescue.

-Peter is learning to walk. He stands up holding onto a yoga ball. The yoga ball rolls away. Peter is still standing. *Gasp*

-I hold James out for Peter to see. Peter holds the hand of his little brother. I say "Give your little brother a kiss". James gets a lick from Peter. And then a slap in the face. James isn't phased.

-Peter fills his diaper. Not to be out does James. Two dirty diapers within 30 seconds. Like a boss.

-Peter is snuggled in bed next to me on my right side. James is snuggled next to me on my left side. Bliss.

-I'm holding Peter. My husband holds a hungry James. The phrase "switch me?", is now used at least once a day.

-At church while my husband runs youth group, I have Peter strapped to my back while I nurse James. Standing.

-Both babies are asleep in their carseats. They look like brothers. Heads tilted the same way, lips out in a pout, and hands on their chests.

-I look at my boys together and I am overcome with love and happiness.

Thus begins the chapter entitled "Irish Twins"

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