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One is Fun



Peter is not a baby anymore. I feel that he grew up just a tiny bit faster once James was born. Toddler mode has been activated. He gets into everything! He also has perfected his head shake for "no". Plus he is so super close to walking!

He certainly isn't hurting for love...or toys! This kid had an awesome first birthday party. He is set in the toy department, yet he still prefers to play in the tupperware cabinets. Anyway...

I wanted to share the presents that he got from mommy and daddy. I feel like they reflect a lot about our personalities and probably even our parenting styles haha.

SONY DSCFrom Dad. We are a Marvel family but these DC cuties were too good to pass up.

SONY DSCI got Peter these adorable board books based off of classic books!

SONY DSCEach one is a different primer! One is a about colors, one is about counting, one is about opposites etc.

SONY DSC SONY DSCMoby-Dick talks about the ocean.

SONY DSC SONY DSCDracula talks about counting.

These books are just too cute! You can find the DC Little People pretty much at any toy store or toy section (i.e. Target). The books you can find at BabyLit!