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DIY Earrings



With babies, long earrings aren't really an option. However, it's nice to have a pretty pair to wear every once in awhile. Back in high school I used to make earrings and I recently picked it back up again. Making a simple statement pair is really easy, and it's awesome because you get to pick your own colors and beads!

So here is what you'll do/need...

SONY DSCFirst, you'll need pins with a flat bottom, this way the beads won't fall off. You can find these (and the other items for this DIY) at a bead store or local craft store.

SONY DSCBeads of your choice! SONY DSC

Needle nose pliers. Find the ones that can cut wire/pins. You can find separate wire trimmers but it's easier to have both functions in one.

SONY DSCFish hook earrings. You can usually find these in a packs with several pairs.

SONY DSCAdd the beads to your first pin and then use the pliers to bend it. Don't start the bend right at the bead. Start the bend a tad bit higher than that.

SONY DSCThen you'll cut about 3/4 of the wire off. After that make a loop with what's left.

SONY DSCThen attach that loop to your hooks and close it up.

When buying beads you can usually find extra pieces to change things up a bit.

SONY DSCLike these!

SONY DSCTurquoise.

SONY DSCDo the same as before. Bend the wire, cut of 3/4, and make into a loop.

SONY DSCThen use the special attachment. Just one extra step but it's worth it!

SONY DSCYou can even do different lengths!


Couldn't resist trying out my new earrings. Plus, I'm trying some of the tips and suggestions from my new obsession, the Beautiful Mess photo idea book.

SONY DSCBecause of my brown hair, red earrings don't stick out too well.

SONY DSCThere they are!

SONY DSCThe second pair stick out a little more.

SONY DSCHaha, no earrings in this shot but I really liked the angle and the lighting. Headband is from Murabelle.

Have fun making your own earrings!