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Happies & Crappies



So many things to be happy about!!! I don't like to throw this phrase around but I really am "very blessed".

1. Finally feel like I'm getting the hang of taking care of my Irish Twins. It's tough but I'm figuring it out. Peter is figuring it out too. 90% of the time he is really sweet and gentle with James. But then sometimes he gets really excited and smacks him in the face haha.

photo 1.2

2. My Verily magazine came in the mail yesterday! It's fabulous!

photo 3.2

3. I love playing dress up. Always have and I always will. Soooo I'm having fun putting together a 1920's inspired outfit for our Life Teen Kick off. Though my husband deals more with the high schoolers and I run the middle school program, I still like to tag along to some of their events. Especially ones that involve dressing up!

photo 2.2

4. Speaking of my middle school group... My boss (Deacon Ed) and I had a great meeting this morning talking about the upcoming year. I love my EDGE program!

5. Doing some research on how to make my blog better. I stumbled upon some tips from IHOD. Super helpful stuff!

Blog+Boosters+Resources copy

6. The Mother of Divine Grace school year is about to start! I did an introductory letter to all my students. This is the front page, the second page was just boring stuff haha.


Hmmmm Crappies....

1. I broke two wine openers within a week.

2. I've got a lot of projects in the works and sometimes I worry that I can't manage it all.

3. The summer is coming to an end. However, since this is AZ, the heat sticks around until October.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!