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Artist Spotlight: Chiara

With all the talk about the VMA performances, it's time for a breath of fresh air.

Introducing... Chiara.


She radiates beauty inside and out. She is currently working on an album of children's lullabies. But before we talk about that. Here is a little bit more about Chiara...

Chiara's passion is bringing happiness to people, most especially to children, through her music.

Tuning her 1/16th size violin at the age of three (she played violin before switching to viola)

Since she was a little girl, Chiara has loved music. Her love didn't stop with that tiny violin. Chiara was meant for bigger things.

1st time Chiara played Viola at Carnegie Hall, October 2009

Chiara has already accomplished so much. She has won four first place prizes in the American Fine Arts Festival at Carnegie Hall, participated in the American Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and the Washington Youth Chamber Orchestra. She currently teaches music to children in her private studio.


Chiara, (right) and her sister, Gemma, (far left) at The Missionaries Of Charity leading the children in songs on All Saints Day

Chiara will never stop studying music, whether she pursues a college degree or continues to study with the masters. Above all, she knows God has given her a gift to play music  and a special gift to work with children. So it only makes sense that she combine these two gifts and share them with the world.

2Right now Chiara has an artist page on Facebook that you should "Like" and then spend some time exploring. You can also find several of her lullabies there. Currently, "Lavender's Blue" and "All God's Critters" are favorites in the Starbuck household. Visit the page yourself and see which songs your little ones like best!


Here is a note from Chiara...

Greetings, fearfully and wonderfully made folks!

I'm a singer/songwriter and would like to share my music with you and your children. Currently, I'm submitting my work to various recording industries and studios, hoping to get a recording contract with any one of them. I want to share my music with you and your children for your pure enjoyment and, above all, to give glory to God in the highest!

Make a joyful noise today and everyday! ~Chiara


Visit her page today!