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Lovely Links Monday


Happy Labor Day!

So far, the Starbuck family has had a delightful three day weekend and it's not over yet!

Here are some lovely links for this labor day...

9f8bd5d20e108876ce314cef35ac63e9Love these shoes. Found them on Pinterest and the link took me to Delia's but they're gone! Sad day. But Delia's has lots of other cute shoes so its ok haha.

733cd309a48b4a768f1b057353e7269bSuch a pretty look for fall. I'd love a yellow blazer but the chances of it getting stained are really high. Not worth it. Couldn't find the source for this lovely look... but I feel like I could piece together something similar.

1957 boatFrom Oh So Lovely Vintage. I want a ride on this boat! With big sunglasses and a floppy hat! Perfection!

6245fe14c074f2f356c7a14949761551ALL THE BOWS! But seriously. I love all the different ways you can wear them. Adorable.

HallieDaily-Two-Faces-Sweater_1Love this Audrey Hepburn look...plates1These pictures are from Zooey Magazine. This dining set is from MADHOUSE. They have so many cute designs. PLUS, awesome paper plates and napkins too! So cool!

Well... Happy Labor Day!!

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