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Five Favorites Vol. 5

This week my Five Favorites are all over the place haha. They're just a few things that make me feel happy. I guess as a mom of Irish Twins you need all the "pick me ups" you can get! Even if it's just finding pretty things online!

1. Brick Yard Buffalo: Chiffon Maxi

img_2777_1Brick Yard Buffalo is an online pop-up shop with a new deal everyday. Love the maxi skirts they are currently featuring!

2. Style Me Pretty Living: Library Baby Shower

54596a9274c4b3d8adaf50794604dbe8 a45cf981ea362dd9ca772243d2a6e9d8How adorable is this baby shower?! I love the little books on the cake! Visit the site for more pictures of this cuteness!

3. Strawberries and Cream

e4c09684b99873c1da1504c1b63d7299I think that this might be my favorite dessert of all time. Such a clever idea for serving it! Couldn't find the original link to this.

4. Fun Prints: Club Narwhal & Society 6

cba2e64176748b82591b476e9cb99bd9So I realize that in Arizona summer is still going, but I just fell in love with this print. I don't hate winter, but after a week of boot and sweater wearing, I'm all done. Also, I just really like the Typography of this print.210b364c4ec33b974af6513def0d37b1Mindy Kaling is by far my favorite person in Hollywood right now. This quote pretty much sums up "mom life". I really want this framed and displayed where I can see it every morning.

5. Envelopes 8b914f3b0d5675427046991ab2072424Finally... I found these pretty envelopes! I love snail mail (though I don't do it often enough) and these would be just perfect for a lovely correspondence. *Sigh* I know... I belong in a Jane Austen novel.

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