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Beach Hair Review


Since last summer, the beach wave hairstyle has been super popular. All these sea salt sprays are claiming to give you that perfect beach wave look. Well honestly, nothing comes close to your hair after an ocean swim, but that didn't stop me from trying.

Here are the three sprays I've tried.

photo 11. Organix Spray @ Ulta

photo 3This one is pretty good. It smells amazing too. It isn't super sticky or heavy either. It also doesn't leave your hair crusty, which is nice. This one runs at about $8.00.

2. The Gnarly Whale @ Etsy

photo 4

This one is my favorite! It smells like cherry blossoms. It is refreshing and light and it works really well. it doesn't weigh your hair down but gives it some really nice waves! Shocking! At about $17.00 a bottle it's worth it. I really want try some of their other products too. I mean pumpkin hair detangler? Yes please!

3. Bumble and bumble @ Sephora

photo 2At $25.00 a bottle I was expecting a little more. This one made my hair crusty and weighed it down a lot. It smelled okay but other than that, the other two surpassed it.

I know everyone has different hair types, so what works for me, might not work for you... So give one try and see what you think! Beach waves are cute all year long, not just in the summer!