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Happies and Crappies


Linking up today with the Vintage Modern Wife for Happies and Crappies!

Here we go!


-On Monday I took the boys to the grocery store ALL BY MYSELF! Wrapped up James and stuck Peter in the cart! It was a huge success. Plus, we bought a ton of delicious food and that's always awesome. Yay Trader Joe's!

-Peter's new favorite word is "hi". It is adorable! He'll say it to anyone and everyone he sees. He'll also say it 20 times to me within the span of 2 minutes. SO cute.

-The boys and I have been going on walks in the morning. It feels so good. I want to start running again but I thought it might be smart to start with a few weeks of walking first.

-The new job is still going well. I'm thankful that I have such a good mentor. She doesn't mind answering all my questions.

-Peter is sleeping through the night! It's probably because he is walking everywhere. He is exhausting himself!

-It's cooling down. Kinda.

-College football. Yes.

-I love September nights. They feel different. You know that life is changing, it's moving forward and that's good! You can tell that the seasons are changing. "Seasons" in AZ aren't much. They're subtle. But they're there!

-Andrew and I were invited to be guests at a charity gala next week. I'm excited for a date night!




cooling down. But we'll back to 100 degrees next week. Boo.

-Hospital bills. Blah.

As usual, the "happies" far out weigh the "crappies". Hope you have a lovely weekend!