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Pray for Peace


I'm sure that most of you are aware of what's going on in Syria. It's easy to feel really helpless while watching the news. The violence and the suffering is heartbreaking. As a mother, I tear up every time I see the loss of children and babies. I look at my baby boys and my husband and I am filled with thankfulness. However, the desire to help remains and the feeling of helplessness looms over my head. With that thought in mind, my husband found a way to help.

Back in 2009 my husband began his own clothing line called Mantled. Inside each shirt he prints a scapular, which makes it unique to any other kind of shirt. So, in a humanitarian effort, my husband has designed a shirt that will run for a limited time. When this shirt is purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go to help those in Syria.


pray_for_peace_syria2_largeIt's time to reach out to our fellow man and perhaps give them the hope they never thought was possible.

"...Promote Justice, Promote Reconciliation, Build Peace." -Pope Francis