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Five Favorites Vol. 7


Fall is "officially" supposed to start Sunday... Yet we are still going to have a few more days at 100 degrees. Yay! Ummm no. Truth be told, I talk a big game about "fall" but I'm really a desert rat. About a week of cooler weather is good for me. Then we can be done. I will say that I love the cooler mornings though. I tried to get up for a run this morning but James just wouldn't stay asleep. However I did manage to do a tiny workout while Peter ate breakfast. He found it hilarious. Hey it's better than nothing right? Anyway... it's a beautiful Wednesday and my Five Favorites are here!

1. Eye Cream.photo 2Dark circles are a regular thing for me. You can bet that they flare up when I'm not sleeping well. So that's like everyday now haha. This stuff from Mac helps. I go from looking sleep deprived, to just looking tired. Win!

2.Sleeping babies...photo 3 photo 4When they sleep... that is my favorite. By far.

3.Walks and park time!

photo 4 photo 1 photo 5The slightly cooler weather in the morning is allowing for family walks and time at the playground! Plus, this is a double favorite because I'm wearing my "I Love Lucy" headband in these pics.

4. Fancy Party!

photo 2 photo 3Andrew and I are going to a charity gala on Saturday! Fancy dress time! What to wear?! We may or may not have James with us and that is a huge deciding factor for my dress choice.

5. The Girls With Glasses

photo-7Found a new blog favorite. And I really like this quote. I think it means that even in your day to day routine, there is magic in the little things.

Those are my five! Now head over to Moxie Wife for more fun finds!