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Happies and Crappies

photo-7I want these cupcakes. NOW! Seriously how amazing do these look? I got this image from the Rent The Runway Instagram account. They are a great follow! Fashion and cupcakes? Yes please.

Ok so Happies...

-James is so vocal! He is already trying to talk to us! Plus he smiles all the time now. It's adorable.

-Peter is growing into such a cute little toddler.

-My sister Gabi turns 15 today. How did that happen?

-We are in the 90's all next week! Yay! So long 100 degrees...

-Little bit of retail therapy this week.

-We've done a really good job of eating healthy this week. Which is probably why I posted a picture of delicious cupcakes haha.

-I successfully pumped 3oz! That way Andrew and I can go to our fancy event tomorrow all by ourselves! Amazing. I'm excited for our date night.


-Peter is a very active toddler. He is into everything and he is starting to throw little tantrums. Yikes.

-Retail therapy? Buyers remorse...

-Those cupcakes aren't in my life.

-I'm super sore from working out.

-Almost out of wine. You always need wine and chocolate in the house. Always.

Soooo happy it's Friday! Enjoy the weekend everyone!