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My Book Bag


As a mom you have almost no time to read. But somehow I've got four books going right now. It might be years before I finish them but whatever. I still enjoy the few minutes of reading time I get here and there. So! What's in my book bag?

1. Truth Be Told

SONY DSCEven though I've had to take a step back in youth ministry, I still enjoy reading books aimed at high schoolers. Truth be Told was written by Mark Hart and Joe Cady. While much of what's in this book I already know, I like how it shows me the best way to explain it to the teens. Teens need concrete examples and comprehensive definitions. This book provides that. Apologetics are really important when ministering to high schoolers. They need to know how to defend their faith.

2. The Father's Tale

SONY DSCThis book is on my Nook (which I love by the way). It's an amazing novel by Michael O'Brien. He is currently my favorite author. I'm only a few chapters into this book but I'm already completely invested in the story. He is so good at developing each of his characters. By the end of his books you feel a personal connection with them. His stories change you and that's not an exaggeration. His writing is poetry and every time I finish one of his books I find myself looking at life a little differently.

3. Blog Inc.

SONY DSCI'm devouring this book. It is full of some awesome advice. I really enjoy blogging and I want to continue to get better at it. This book is certainly going to help me reach my blogging goals. Doesn't matter if you're a new blogger or an old blogger, you'll find this book helpful. It's a quick read too. I started this one last but it will be the first one I finish.

4. Parenting with Grace

SONY DSCParenting books?! What?! When did that happen? This is a good one. It's well written and very informative. Much of what I've read are things that I already felt were important when it comes to raising kids. But it's always good to get your parenting styles affirmed. There are several things in here I don't agree with. They don't think memorization is an important skill for kids to learn. I disagree. But you should totally take a look for yourself!

Well here's hoping I get a little time to read tonight!