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Five Favorites Vol. 8


Taking a break from grading to do my Five Favorites!

This week is a mash up randomness. Which pretty much sums up motherhood....

1. My mini me.

photo 3 photo 4Sunday morning selfies.

2. Earrings and Chocolate

photo 5My mother in-law came back from Cali and brought me back presents!

3. Raisin Rosemary Crisps


Love these as an evening snack. Paired with cheese and a glass of wine...delightful.

4. Flan

photo-7 So I actually don't like flan at all. I just snapped this pic over the weekend because of the design the syrup had made. Flan flowers!


photo 2

b09dea110f2aa337096f69d4ea003714Two of my favorite quotes.

That was fun... Back to grading!