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Happies and Crappies Vol. 4


Just got back from a lovely coffee date with one of my closest friends. It was so good to catch up. She and I share a love of Anthropologie and things like that.We have both have big dreams and it's so much fun talking about them with each other. We'd even played around with the idea of starting our own small business. We are young, so who knows what could happen! For now we'll just settle for coffee dates and day dreaming out loud.

That right there is a "Happy". Here are some more...

-Going to a bridal shower tomorrow! The gifts are themed "how you met the bride". Such a clever idea.

-My husband and I get another date night! We have VIP tickets to the beer festival. Should be fun!

-The Anthropologie blog is doing a different champagne drink over the next month. That's very exciting!


- This Indian inspired dinner party setting makes me happy. I love fancy dinner parties...


-Working on my desk/office space still. Looking for inspiration and ideas. The picture below from Style Me Pretty is pretty much exactly what I want.



-Peter is teething and is super fussy. He just wants to be held but that's not really a bad thing.

-My great Aunt is in ICU. Things aren't looking so good. Prayers would be appreciated.

Thankful that it's Friday! Have a great weekend.