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Five Favorites Vol.9


My Five Favorites today are about motherhood. I need a reminder about why I love being mom haha. James is refusing to sleep, Peter is putting banana in his hair  and is trying to eat a book, and I just got out of my pajamas.... It's almost 1:30 here. Then when I finally do get dressed, I look in the mirror and I'm like "What am I wearing?!" This morning Andrew was giving Peter orange juice and I told him "don't give him too much! Juice is hard on his teeth". Currently, Peter is in his high chair with orange juice in his sippy cup and watching an episode of "Daniel Tigers Neighborhood" (an adorable spin off of Mister Rodgers Neighborhood). So yeah. That's where we're at.

I really truly do love being a mother to these beautiful boys. Some days are just harder than others. And that's ok! I think after this post I'm just going to put on my Glitter Glasses and have a dance party. Dance it out right? Right. Maybe even exhaust the boys into another nap. Maybe. Wishful thinking? Probably. So as I sip/gulp down this second err third cup of coffee, here are my Five Favorites.

1. I love when my boys smile at me. James has been smiling for a few weeks now and it's just as sweet as can be. Peter's smile is looking more and more like a little boy smile as opposed to a "baby" smile. Their smiles just melt my heart and I almost forget that they are driving my crazy haha.

2. My boys love cuddles. Makes sense, their father is a huge cuddler. When I'm done nursing James, and he falls asleep tucked under my chin, I just breath in his scent and do my best to keep the memory in my heart. When Peter is tired he'll fuss until he is cuddle up on my lap. Then he just nuzzles and falls right to sleep. I hold him tight, just to make sure he is "really asleep" but also because part of me just wishes I could hold the whole time he sleeps.

3. One of the coolest things is, that I can see where James will be a year from now, and I can look back and see where Peter was a year ago. Does that make any sense? It's like an awesome developmental fun house mirror....*sigh* I need a nap. Peter is walking and it's adorable! He is starting to pick up speed too. I can't believe that a year ago he was like James, just lying there on the floor kicking his legs!

4. Growing up in a big family was wonderful. I love my siblings and I feel that we are all pretty close. However, the bond between siblings is nothing like the bond between a mother and her child. The connection I feel with my boys is so overwhelming at times. And I am so protective of them! It's crazy how the momma bear can really come out when her cub is threatened. I mean, when my boys start dating, they'll have to bring the girl by the house, and I'll be polishing MY gun! Haha... just kidding. But not really.

5. I love that my boys need me. Cleaning their clothes, feeding them, bathing them, playing with them etc. they need all of that. They need it from me! It can be pretty unglamorous at times (i.e. poopy diapers) but who cares? The feeling of being needed is amazing. The coolest part of this though, is that I need them too. They complete me. They are my happiness and nothing could replace that.

With all this said... I don't want to leave out my husband. He has been so wonderful and supportive. Andrew is my best friend and the love of my life. We are a team and it doesn't matter what our two little boys throw our way...we can handle it. Together.

Well. This post as been fun but now it's time to head back into the battle field....But as the day finishes up, I'll remember that the love of a mother is impossible to measure. My heart is full and my heart is happy.