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Happies & Crappies Vol.5


Wednesday was a tough day. In my "mommy world" it was a rough one, but yesterday, things were much better. I think that's just how parenting goes. You have your off days and your on days. Clearly our government agrees. Wah wah.... The government is SHUT DOWN. Ridiculous. The only good thing that is coming out of this thing is the "Ron Swanson" references.

Ok so Happies and Crappies for this week!


-We had a great time at beer fest last Saturday! I tried all the pumpkin beers and I didn't regret it. There were also some other cool beers that I tried but I had my favorites...Anything pumpkin and Shiner Bock. Boom.

-I signed up for a subscription with Happy Mommy Box! Super excited to see the first box! I love fun mail!

-Baby shower tomorrow! I'm happy to spoil a mommy and her baby!

-The pumpkin spice coffee I bought has not been a disappointment.

-It's been under 90 degrees! So wonderful. Doing more walks with the boys, which is


-My headbands from Lemons and Lace came in the mail! They're great for those no shower days... Dry shampoo and a vintage headband. DONE!

-We found a new kitchen table! It's an early Christmas present from my in-laws. Andrew and his Dad are fixing it all up. So glad to get rid of our "bar table". I didn't realize how much I disliked having my feet hang while I ate my meals. It's the little stuff you know?

-I just made chocolate chip cookies. Winning.


-Same old, same old...bills. Bleh.

-My Great Aunt is still hurting. Please keep praying.

-I have a lot of grading to do this weekend.

Well...I think it's just about time for Happy Hour. Have a great weekend!

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