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Umba: Supporting Small Business


My husbands works for the family business his father started years ago. There are many wonderful things about having a small business but there are also many challenges. That's why I do my best to support small businesses in any way that I can. Which brings me to the topic of today...

The Umba Fall Launch!

What is Umba? Let me tell you...

Umba partners with small business owners and gives the the attention they deserve. They want to empower artists by social selling. Their mission is to unite through creative discoveries that delight and inspire. However,  Umba is also a two sided equation of empowerment: artists can effectively market their products and Umbassadors (independent consultants) can earn income to better themselves and their families. On their site you will find wonderfully unique items made by hard working, creative people.

With that said... here is sneak peak at their Fall Lookbook.

UmbaFallLine1 UmbaFallLine2 UmbaFallLine3 UmbaFallLine4 UmbaFallLine5 UmbaFallLine6 UmbaFallLine7 UmbaFallLine8 UmbaFallLine9 UmbaFallLine10 UmbaFallLine11 UmbaFallLine12 UmbaFallLine13 UmbaFallLine14 UmbaFallLine15 UmbaFallLine16 UmbaFallLine17 UmbaFallLine18 UmbaFallLine19When Umba put out the call to bloggers for support, I was more than happy to help out. Small business is at the heart of this great nation. We need to make sure we are doing all that we can to foster inspiration and beauty in this everyday life.

You can see the full Fall Lookbook here.

Have a beautiful day!