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Five Favorites Vol.10


Leaving the house with the two boys is a challenge. Because of that, my shopping habit has drastically taken a hit. I'm sure my husband doesn't mind all that much! Recently I've found some darling online boutiques to help with my addiction haha. I joke but......

5786454e087aa8bd5e73642c4cc13b7aThen I see something like this and it reminds me of the beauty in being content with what you have.

But for special occasions or when I (really) need something, I look to online boutiques. For my Five Favorites I decided to share with you my favorite places to shop online! Enjoy!

1. RiffRaff

2. Avery Lane Boutique

3. Sugar Love Boutique

4. Gracie B.

5. The Rage

So if you've got a little extra to spend or a special event coming up...Treat yo' self!

Happy Shopping! Go visit Moxie Wife for more favorites!

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