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Happies and Crappies Vol.6


You know those days that are just awesome? Today was one of those days!

edfa89b5d6cce183bdd0765023c66918I just love all the things that made today a little extra special.


-Found my bridesmaid dress for a wedding in May. Best part? It has pockets!

-We met my husband for lunch. Something that we don't do often enough.

-Found a desk! I'm super excited to get it all set up and decorate the space around it.

-Picked up some cork boards so I can finally work on my mood board. I think I'm going to play around with some fabric to cover them with. I'll do a post about it once it's done.

-Both Verily and Lucky came in the mail this week!

-A former teammate is getting married this weekend I am so happy for her! I can't wait to see all the IG pics!

-My middle school youth group (EDGE) meets this Sunday! I'm excited! Totally wearing my glitter glasses....

-Had a few "inspiration" moments for upcoming posts! Love when that happens!

-A good friend of mine just found out that she is pregnant. Yay babies!

-My sister Marisa (Marisa Clare Photography) is getting ready to launch her new blog. I've gotten a sneak peek and it is amazing.


-That teammate that's getting married? Yeah I won't be there. Which is the WORST because swim team weddings are always these amazing reunions! Gah. So lame...

-The next four weekends are jam packed with events. In the youth ministry world, fall is CRAZY. And it's even crazier with two kids.

-Tucson is looking at a few more days in the 80's. Boo.

-My Wildcats lost to USC. Woof.

Well... time for a drink. Happy Friday!

179745565c3010e7ab53a509ffa22658Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

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