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Five Favorites Vol. 12


It's almost 1:00 here and Peter is JUST going down for his nap. This kid has been like the energizer bunny all morning! It's been a fairly productive day though. We went to the grocery store and.....wait nope that's it. However, going to the store with both babies is a big deal so if that's our big accomplishment of the day, then I'm ok with that.

Five Favorites!

1. Toddler Fun.

photo 3 Peter makes a mess in the youth ministry office. Look at that guilty face.... photo 4This is why I can never put James in the swing. photo 1Ummm now what? photo 3Staying hydrated like a boss.

2. Quinoa and Kale: A Love Affair.

photo 1I'm totally serious when I say that my favorite food right now is quinoa. I love mixing it with kale, mushrooms and ground beef. photo 2Then I put the leftovers (from the meal above) over spinach for an amazing salad.photo 2And then quinoa with grilled chicken, broccoli and melted cheese. And I'm no foodographer that's for sure.

3. Crafting

photo 5 photo 4Making a ton of stuff for a craft fair in November. My sister Liliana models a flower crown from my autumn collection (see my IG feed for a color picture). If you're in Tucson come see me at the Immaculate Heart craft fair 11-16-13!

4. Meal Planning

photo 5I busted out some of the cookbooks we got as wedding presents and picked a few new recipes to try! Excited to do some experimenting in the kitchen!

5. All Things Pumpkin Spice.

photo 1 Yesterday when my MIL came by the house, she brought me a PSL. Made my day! photo 3 photo 2At Trader Joe's I found this Pumpkin Spice Rooibos tea. It smells AMAZING. So excited to try it.

Well that's it! Make sure you go visit Moxie Wife for more favorites!