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Lovely Links Monday!


The Starbuck boys have a case of the Mondays. We had a great but busy weekend. I think they just need some recovery time (who doesn't). Plus Peter MUST have some teeth coming in because right now every little thing makes him cry.

So for today, I decided to just throw together some lovely links while the boys take a nap.

IMG_7758My kid sister (Marisa Clare Photography) launched her fashion blog yesterday! It's fantastic and you should totally check it out!



For the gentlemen...Looking for some last minute costume ideas? Paul Fredrick has got you covered! They have some great ideas for costumes and you can find most of it already in your closet! For the ladies... Anna over at IHOD posted some really easy costume ideas last week. So stop stressing and get over there!

0fd9e15d48202952393057bf3e52ef40How gorgeous is this cake? And it sounds delicious. This would be a perfect dessert for  New Years party. Except I think I would do cupcakes. Ahhh I love the holidays!

ed0281c2711657628df06e760beeaf185 great tips from The Girls with Glasses.

a829367d935a2cc23f145bf0a6e78a78Another gorgeous look for fall.

21d3566cd1ebece03c1ee2c88e7e6d40Jumping into something new can be scary. But sometimes you just have to go for it and see what adventures come your way.

Happy Monday!