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Weekend Notes


Monday we meet again....

Monday is always so much harder when you've had such a great weekend. On Saturday we had some really nice family time and then joined some friends for dinner in the evening. The boys are still a little sick but are on the mend. But now I'm feeling under the weather. This sickness just needs to STOP. Gah. Anyway, yesterday we went to church and then afterwards got ready for the wedding of two of our close friends! It was such a lovely wedding! I can't wait too share the pictures with you. The whole thing was just breath taking. Love totally won last night.

Well now it's time for a second cup of coffee and a ton of vitamins but first...

*What I Wore Sunday* (Before the wedding. Sadly I failed to get a picture of my dress. AND it ripped on the way home. So yeah big fail.)

SONY DSC SONY DSCSweater//Belongs to my Mom hehe, Shirt//Kohls, Skirt//Inspired By Tess, Shoes//Target

I am obsessed with the skirts from Inspired by Tess. They are made of jersey material so they're super comfy AND they come in amazing patterns and styles. She'll custom make the length you want too!

Ok that's it. Happy Monday (is that even a thing?)