Five Favorites Vol. 14

Today has not been so great. Lots of little things just happening all at once. I'm sure you can relate. However, I am always calmed by nursing. In fact, this morning (while Peter was napping) I nursed James AND myself to sleep. It was a glorious 15 minute power nap. Then I decided to do my Five Favorite things about breastfeeding.

1. It is so relaxing!!! Hence why I fell asleep nursing James this morning. I'm sure I would fall asleep while nursing more often if I didn't always have a 15 month old trying to tackle me at the same time.

2. I love how when James is done he gives me a big old smile and then starts babbling. He's all like "Hey thanks Mom! That was delicious!"

3. Formula is so freaking expensive! My milk supply dried up when I conceived James so we had to switch Peter over to formula. This was serious. It wasn't me giving up on nursing. Poor little guy stopped gaining weight and that is NOT good. So formula it was. But I seriously cringe every time I have to buy it. To all the mommas out there... if you CAN nurse your baby, do it! It's tough at first no doubt, but it's worth it. Oh and I hate washing bottles. Hate.

4. You can totally enjoy a glass of wine when nursing. I'm not saying simultaneously (though if you can, props, because that is talent). How is this a favorite? Ummm well I think for a long time it was discouraged to enjoy a drink or two if you were a nursing momma. The old "pump and dump" was the way to go. I think now it's more accepted which is cool. Good time for a grainy wine selfie yes? No? Oh whatever.

photo 1 copy

5. There is so much more support for breastfeeding then there used to be. When my mom had me she decided to breastfeed. Sadly she had almost no support or help. If you're a nursing mommy check out the Facebook pages for Breast is Best and the Leaky B@@b. And you should totally read this blog post "3 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding". Super helpful stuff!

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This post isn't to make any mommies feel bad. We all do what we think is best for our babies. I just wanted to share why I love nursing.

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