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Happies & Crappies Vol.8


You guys! It's FRIDAY! Yay!!!

Ok Happies & Crappies...

My happiness...

-We have some friends in town from California and we're hanging out with them tonight. It will be great to see them, especially because they just found out that they are expecting a little one! Yay babies!

-One of my teammates from the UofA brought her cute little girl over to play with Peter today. Jillian is just one month older than Peter. It was so cool to see him interacting with someone close to his age. Let's just say he needs to work on his "sharing" skills haha.

photo 3- New hipster glasses! Always a good thing.

photo 1-Got my Happy Mommy Box on Monday! It's pretty amazing.

photo 1

-Peter's teacher for swim lessons said that she loves my blog. Someone actually reads this stuff! Whew!

-Look at this face... That makes me happy.

photo 3

-Going to see Thor 2 tomorrow! Nerdy date night for the win.

-Talked to one of my best friends twice within one week. She's in med school so I'm super thankful for the time we get to talk.

-Found the boys passed out in the car like this... Peter keeping a hold on James.

photo 2

-Went for a run yesterday! It felt so good yet so horrible at the same time. Oh and I totally did it in the shirt I was wearing when I gave birth to James. There's gotta be something "meta" in there somewhere.

-Enjoying a new book called "Backwards in High heels. It's pretty awesome.

photo 2

My Crappiness....

-Peter has not napped today. We even went for a car ride! Nothing. We now have a major meltdown scheduled for tonight.

-Lack of sleep. That's pretty much the norm now.

-We are back in 80 degree weather. What. The. Heck.

Honestly though? That's it for crappies. Which is totally fine by me.

Have a great weekend!