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Happies & Crappies Vol.9

Friday is here again! Which means it's time for one of my favorite link ups!


-Tomorrow is the craft fair at Immaculate Heart Catholic School. Fingers crossed that we sell some stuff!

-Took Peter and James to the doctor yesterday just to make sure that they didn't have any ear infections. They didn't! Whew! I just wanted to be sure since they've both been sick on and off for what seems like forever.

-My early Christmas present came in! My parents bought me a beautiful Turkish Delight woven wrap (size4). I pretty much never take it off... Even if James isn't in it. I'll admit. I REALLY have the baby wearing bug now. I want to get a size 2 for tandem wearing (both Peter and James) and a size 6 for wrapping my ever growing toddler on my back.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1

- I love Jim Gaffigan and I love kale, so this is just awesome. Even though I disagree.

photo 1.PNG

-Time to get cozy! Found some knit winter leggings on sale at Brickyard Buffalo.

photo 3

-My boys! It's really cute when James does tummy time because Peter will get on the floor and copy him.

photo 4 photo 2

-Got an invite to the wedding of some good friends! So excited! Love love love weddings.

-This is totally a big brag and I know it. Down another 5 lbs! Only 15 more to go to my goal weight. I just want to be the healthiest wife and mom I can be!


-So I had ordered more rosary parts last week so that I could make a few more for the craft fair. They came in the mail on Tuesday but I opened them up and realized I ordered the wrong size!!! Mom brain fail.

-Tucson is still hot (I'm getting REALLY tired of this one)

-Didn't have time to blog yesterday which is a bummer.

-My sister burned her foot with hot grease last Sunday. It's gross and she's in a lot of pain. Plus that means she can't do any fashion posts on her blog. Lame.

Well that's pretty much it! Have a great weekend!