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Irish Twin Diaries

So here we are. James is just a few days away from being 4 months and Peter is just a few days away from being 16 months. We have survived four months with Irish Twins. Like a boss.

But seriously. These past few months have been tough, yet filled with a ridiculous amount of joy.

The highlight reel:

-James is now rolling both ways. Trouble I tell you. But cute trouble.

-Peter tries to say "shhhh" whenever he sees James is sleeping. Except he sticks his finger in his mouth instead of putting it agains his lips. It's hilarious.

-Peter is getting much better about being "gentle" with his brother but he still gets a little too excited sometimes and ends up slapping James in the face haha. James is going to have some tough skin.

-James absolutely lights up when Peter talks to him. Then when Peter is busy playing in the living room, it feels like James is trying to leap out my arms so that he can join his big brother.

-Peter is a pro at walking. He is going to be full on running in no time.

Sometimes I'll be out with the both boys and someone will say "Wow you have your hands full!" I want to respond with "Ya think?!" But I don't. I just smile and respond that indeed I do. Life is in fact very crazy, but that's why God gave us coffee.


And love will hold us together Make us a shelter to weather the storm And I'll be my brother's keeper So the whole world will know that we're not alone

Matt Maher - Hold Us Together