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Five Favorites Vol. 16


I always get so excited for Christmas shopping yet somehow I always find myself scrambling to get it done. This year I'm trying to be a little better. I have Peter and James all taken care of which is great. I at least know what I'm getting my family but I have yet to put it together. What about Andrew? No idea. That guy is tough to shop for. Eh. Anyway... here are my Five Favorite presents for Peter (mainly Peter) and James.

1. Daniel Tiger

Peter is pretty obsessed with Daniel Tiger. It's the same every day, after he wakes up from his nap, we check the mail and then he watches Daniel. I found these character figures that I think he'll love.

81wSXiotF4L._SL1500_2. Kids Cleaning Set.

Peter is always trying to get to my broom and dust pan. I got him his own set so now he can "help me".

61KDcR3kGaL._SL1500_3. Kids Tool Set

Peter loves to "help". So now when his Grandpa David comes over to fix stuff he can use his tools too.

61oQ1Qt61BL._SL1500_4. Little People Nativity Set

This might be a present I give to Peter and James for St. Nicks Day. My siblings have a set and they love to play with it during Advent. My mom puts baby Jesus in a special place until Christmas and then they add him to the set once he's "born". Super cute. It's half off today here!

41Pdf58xAqL5. A Chocolate Bar

I'm excited to freak people out when James is chewing on this. Such a clever little teething toy.


Buying Christmas presents for my boys is so awesome. I love being a mom!

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