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Happies & Crappies Vol. 10

It's raining!!! When you live in Arizona rain is a big deal. When it's raining you must instagram it, tweet it, blog it, and have a facebook status about it. It's a BIG DEAL.

photo 3-I guess that's my first "Happy"! Slow drizzle, gray clouds, big sweaters, hot coffee and sleeping babies.

-Still working on eating healthy. Obviously I feel happier when I'm eating right. Salads are my meal of choice when it comes to lunch. This one is just spinach, dried cranberries, roasted pecans and feta cheese.

photo 4

-Another "Save the Date" in the mail! I like the whole magnet trend that's going on.

photo 1

-You guys!! This is our new table!!!!! No more dangling feet (we had a one of those high tables before this and I hated it). It can fold out to seat 8! A huge thank you to my in-laws who got this for us as an early Christmas present.

photo 3-Working on my tandem baby wearing. I may or may not have a couple more wraps in the mail.... Christmas come early ya'll! I love this picture because Peter is so clearly not happy. I guess this would be a "crappie" for him haha.

photo 2

-Taking Christmas pictures with my sister tomorrow!

-Starting up a new series of posts for the blog. I'm really excited about it. Big reveal coming soon!

-Thanksgiving is next week. Need I say more?

-My parents bought Peter a ton of winter clothes. He needed them bad! Especially since it's cold now. Thanks Mom and Dad!


I got nothing.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!