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Toddler Proof

Everything needs to be toddler proof now. Everything. As I write this, Peter is climbing the shelves of the pantry. Hold on a second.

Ok. As I was saying. Toddler proofing is my life now. Which is totally fine. Just means I need to get creative. I wanted a center piece for our new table but I had to find something that Peter wouldn't break/hurt himself with.

This is what I came up with....SONY DSC

A plastic plate charger, fake leaves and a tiny pumpkin. Yeah he could smash the pumpkin but honestly?  I'll be more impressed than mad if he smashes it.


SONY DSCOur table in all it's glory haha. I promise that we do eat on it. It's just covered in work at the moment.

Those little hands are adorable... But they get into EVERYTHING! So even if Peter gets to this center piece the damage will be minimal.

Cheers to all those sticky little fingers!