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Thank You



No more blogging for the rest of the week.... But before Barista Mommy goes on a little holiday, here is what I'm thankful for....

-My husband Andrew. He knows me so well yet everyday with him is filled with something new.

-My boys. Peter lights up my life. James was a surprise but he is the best surprise I have ever gotten.

-My family. My parents and my brothers and sisters are so incredibly wonderful.

-My NEW family. I love my in-laws. They are so special to me and I enjoy getting to know them better all the time.

-My friends. Good friends are hard to find and I am so thankful for the ones that I have found.

-My little Tucson. This city may be small and extremely terrible at building parking lots or dealing with rain BUT it is home.

-I'm thankful for my jobs, both with St. Thomas and with Mother of Divine Grace.

-I am so thankful for my Catholic faith. I'm always learning and growing and falling deeper in love with the God who brought me into existence.

My list could go on and on. This thanksgiving, as cheesy as it may be, I'm going to really make sure I embrace every moment with a thankful heart. I don't throw this around lightly...but I am truly blessed.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!