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Five Favorites Vol. 17


9 times out of ten my drink of choice will be a glass of wine. However, I do love a fun cocktail every now and then. My go-to mixed drink is vanilla vodka with ginger ale. A teammate introduced it to me in college and I've never looked back. I guess my other favorite would be a Dirty Shirley. A Shirley Temple with vodka BUT even better is when it's made with vanilla vodka. Ya I'm a fan. It also has a special place in my heart (is that weird to say about a drink?) because Dirty Shirley's were

the "social lubricant" of choice when I had my first experience with my good friend Kate. Up until that point I didn't think she liked me and vice versa. That fateful night filled with empty glasses and cherry stems proved otherwise.

Sooooo for my Five Favorites I decided to do holiday cocktails. I haven't tried them yet but basically they're on my list. It helps when your husband is a certified bar-tender too.

ginger sparklerThe Ginger Pomegranate Sparkler

51ff4cc42b2d6da658a6a3219b0a0f85Mulled Wine

d554c9ed0716ef9c509875a9bb8758e3This one is called the "Corpse Reviver". I'd like to call it "The Scrooge". A little less creepy.

76e0d6ff124a550935b5336b370c1098This one doesn't have a name or a link to the recipe. But basically it's coffee ice cubes in Bailey's and vanilla vodka.

39cd797fe21a08bedeff23eead548b11Candy Cane Fizz

Stay thirsty my friends....