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Eat the Cake!


Within the past few years I've been to a lot of bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and of course birthday parties. What do these events all have in common? Cake. Delicious cake. Now, I'm not a huge cake person. I can enjoy a small piece and then I'm pretty much done. It's not because I don't like cake! I just feel really sick after too much sugar. Like the worst heartburn ever... Ugh. But that doesn't stop me. When someone offers me a piece I graciously accept.

This brings me to the point of all this rambling. I've noticed a lot of people turn down cake. For those of you with allergies, this is not about you. Please don't eat cake and die. Please.

But why are people turning down cake?! I'll be honest... when I notice people turning it down it's mostly girls. All body types too. This is what I have to say to that... For the love of gluten, EAT THE CAKE. I'm sure that the people who do have an allergy would LOVE a piece of cake. Dieting? That's great! But a little bit isn't going to kill you. Especially if you're someones guest and they've worked really hard to make the event awesome. They either put in the time to make that cake or they spent money on it. I personally find it rude when someone turns down cake, or any other baked goods for that matter! If you're avoiding sweets that's fine. Don't buy them or eat them on your time. That's on you. But every once in while? Live a little! Eat the cake.

Our society likes to take things to extremes. You're either over indulgent or you deprive yourself. Can't there just be some happy middle ground? Can't you be healthy and then have a treat every now and then? Can't you be respectful enough to accept someones generosity instead of putting yourself first? At least ask for a small piece or a "little sliver"  as my mother likes to say.

When I was studying Greek Mythology in college a big theme was Xenia (hospitality). Pick up Homer's Odyssey and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's an impossible theme to miss. Anyway... hospitality always came first. The host honored their guests and the guests honored their host. Our society needs to take a page out of the Odyssey (preferably one dealing with hospitality, not one with cyclopses).

Life is too short to be glutenous. But life is also too short to not enjoy the delicious every once in a while. And life is too short to be rude to those who have invited you into their home.

So please...Just eat the cake.