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Happies & Crappies Vol.11


It has been a long week. The littles and I have been in the house most days. By the early evening I'm pretty wiped. So while I should be going to bed earlier, I'm staying up late getting random stuff done. What mom isn't? Not enough coffee. Ever. But even though the bags under my eyes are huge and I'm contemplating another cup of coffee, life is still very sweet.


-All the Christmas stuff! Buying presents, making presents, wrapping presents, I love it!

-My parents got a new Christmas tree which means we get the old one. We've had a small tree since we've been married and it's been lovely but I'm really happy to have a nice tall one!

-It's cold! Wrapping up in cozy sweaters and making chili.

photo 4-Last night St. Nick put some goodies in and around Peter's shoes! He was so excited. He really liked the chocolate coins! It's such a fun tradition and I love passing it on to my new little family.

photo-8-Did our Christmas card pictures last Saturday. So excited to see how they all turned out. My sister snapped this one on my phone.

photo 2

-I didn't do much shopping Black Friday (and when I say shopping I mean online) but I did snag this awesome sweatshirt from Hello Merch. I think it sums up the glamourous mom-life pretty well. Glitter and exhaustion.


-This time of year is my favorite. This little gem is from my planner.

photo 3


-Trying to stay focused on the "reason for the season".

-Praying all the gifts I ordered come in on time. Don't fail me know UPS USPS and Fed Ex!

-Having to get out of a warm bed on a cold morning. Not ok.

-James is baby Jesus this year in the Nativity at our church which isn't crappy at all!! It's great! The crappy part is that we have to put a white sheet over his carseat for his "manger" but James HATES his carseat. If he's asleep no problem! But we can't count on that. So here's hoping we figure something out!

Have a great weekend everyone!